History of the University

Tishreen University, a public university based in Lattakia, is the third largest university in the Syrian Arab Republic. The university was established in 1971 (in the name of the University of Lattakia), and the necessary measures were taken to start studying in three faculties with the beginning of the academic year 1971/1972, which are: the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Agriculture, and they have separate headquarters in the city of Lattakia.

The name of the university was amended in 1975, including the new name of Tishreen University, which includes colleges and higher institutes for various scientific disciplines, research centers, a large university city, and various types of university services. The university also has a number of facilities, such as specialized hospitals, such as Tishreen University Hospital.
The university has developed extensively and greatly, and now includes seventeen colleges, three specialized higher institutes, eight technical institutes and three centers of excellence. The university awards 280 academic degrees, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (Masters and Ph.D.). Tishreen University is a member of many local, international and international research bodies, unions and networks, in addition to signing many agreements and partnerships with Arab and local institutions and bodies, and European and international universities. The expansion and diversity of the university enabled the building of a distinguished scientific and technical edifice and the establishment of a prominent social and cultural legacy for the university through the educational, scientific and cultural activities of its various scientific and administrative human frameworks in its degrees and specializations.
It is useful to refer here to the growing development of the outputs of Tishreen University over a period of 41 years from the academic year 1979-1980 until the academic year 2019-2020. Study programs: formal education - open education - and diploma, master’s and doctoral programs Degrees awarded by the university: Tishreen University grants Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees with various specializations.

University Establishment Decree

The university was established by legislative decree No. (12) issued on May 20, 1971 (in the name of Lattakia University).

The name of the university was amended according to the legislative decree No. (25) in 1975, including the new name of Tishreen University.

Vision & Mission

Excellence nationally and regionally in the quality of education as a renewable societal knowledge platform that contributes to the development of knowledge and supports the sustainable development process.

The Message
Tishreen University seeks to achieve quality and excellence in education, scientific research and community service to prepare efficient national cadres, by adopting international standards and activating partnership with relevant local and international bodies to contribute to knowledge progress.

Belonging and citizenship, professionalism, social responsibility, justice, cooperation, participation, accountability.

strategic goals 
Raising the level of quality of educational programs and achieving the requirements of academic accreditation in line with the requirements of the labor market.

Preparing graduates leaders and pioneers in their businesses.

Developing an environment for scientific research and graduate studies and stimulating and developing creativity to serve the community.

Building effective and continuous partnerships to serve the community.

Raising the efficiency of the infrastructure to achieve the requirements of quality education and scientific research.

Enhancing the efficiency of human resources and motivating them to excel in performance.

Developing management systems and institutional performance.

Develop technical and open education to meet the requirements of society.

Rules, Regulations & Structure

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Structure of Faculties

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