Strategic Plan

Global competition and the increasing needs of institutions for cadres with distinguished knowledge and experience have imposed a necessity to continuously and competitively develop the knowledge and skills of graduates. Therefore, in the past four decades of its establishment, Tishreen University has built the necessary administrative and material structures to achieve the elements required to manage the educational and research process and community service. Since its establishment, it has graduated more than (120,000) male and female students from efficient cadres who have proven their worth in the labor market locally and internationally.
Now the university is taking the initiative to draw a roadmap for the continuous improvement of its services for the purpose of excellence and competition locally and regionally to
be a renewable and competitive knowledge platform as a distinguished research and educational center through the sharing of the high expertise in it, which adopted the university’s vision of continuous development and renewal towards excellence and creativity.
The plan was built through a careful analysis of the reality of the university and the needs of the labor market, which resulted in (8) strategic objectives covering all elements of academic work, including (239) projects that contribute to achieving the goals in a qualitative manner and contribute to achieving the vision and mission of the university, developing and raising its global classification and the level of its graduates, including Contributes to the development of society and knowledge locally and globally.
We are confident that university cadres in colleges, centers and directorates will be keen on their active participation in implementing the plan’s axes and programs and facing challenges that may arise during implementation in order to reach the desired goals in improving and developing the reality of our society.

     President of Tishreen University
         Mr. Dr. Bassam Abdel Karim Hassan