The Directorate of International, Cultural and Public Relations at Tishreen University seeks to develop knowledge and cultural relations and openness to international scientific expertise by building bridges of international cooperation with prestigious Arab and foreign universities and scientific institutions. This is under an official umbrella of agreements and partnerships that achieve the university's mission and goals of development, creativity, scientific excellence, research and training. As the university seeks to achieve a distinguished position for itself on the map of international universities and to localize expertise and modern scientific technologies that benefit the community. In the context of the pursuit of universality, the Directorate of International, Cultural and Public Relations is working diligently to take advantage of these global partnerships to enable researchers, faculty members, teaching assistants and students to take advantage of opportunities for international cooperation and engage in multidisciplinary projects and programs, as the university considers this aspect as one of the factors that contribute to reaching advanced places. In international rankings, in addition to enabling its graduates to possess the necessary skills to join the labor market, which is characterized by global competitiveness in the era of openness in which we live.


Participate in the preparation of cultural agreements and follow up on their implementation.

Preparing and preparing information related to delegated assistants and following up on their affairs.

Preparing and preparing information related to sending faculty members on scientific missions and following up on their delegation affairs.

Preparing and preparing information related to dispatching to training courses that take place outside the country.

Preparing and preparing information related to visitors and arrivals.

Introducing the role of the university, its achievements and contributions to society, in cooperation with the competent directorates at the university.

Securing the necessary procedures for inviting foreign visiting professors and their travel and for the travel of university delegates.

Receiving visitors and carrying out all tasks related to their stay and visits.

Securing and implementing tourism programs for visiting professors and organizing trips and visits.

Preparing the requirements for university celebrations.

Carrying out the necessary translations required by the nature of work in the Directorate and preparing correspondence in foreign languages


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