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The Faculty of Medicine at Tishreen University aspires to achieve excellence in medical education and scientific research and to prepare doctors with high scientific and professional competencies and distinct academic and ethical levels with the aim of contributing to the development of society and upgrading it in terms of health and civilization. It also seeks to obtain technical scientific knowledge and apply it in a manner that allows access To the development of human wealth and the achievement of quality education and learning in all fields and economic and social development in the Syrian Arab Republic and the Arab world.

The Dean 's Word

Dear fellow students, sons and daughters:

We welcome you to our website of the Faculty of Human Medicine at Tishreen University

We hope that our website will be a new step for the development of the Faculty of Medicine and that you will find the useful information you need, and it will include data on various departments and medical research.

The Faculty of Medicine at Tishreen University was established in 1974 AD. More than 5,500 male and female doctors have graduated so far, and the number of male and female students who are currently studying there is more than 3,000 male and female students. The Faculty of Medicine, in addition to Al-Assad Hospital and Tishreen University Hospital, is considered an integrated system for education. Scientific research and community service in the coastal region.

In its mission and objectives, the college aspires to develop curricula and programs, apply reference academic standards, and use the latest scientific methods in teaching in order to graduate doctors with international standards, under the supervision of a group of qualified faculty members.

The college also offers postgraduate programs and doctoral degrees in many medical specialties. The college administration is making great efforts to raise the educational process and develop research on an ongoing basis, in order to keep pace with global development and obtain academic accreditation.

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